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Products and Services that we can help you with include:


NDA offers a complete mechanical seal service covering identification, refurbishment & supply of most brands & styles of seal.

This service relies on years of experience & knowledge of the market.

There are so many styles, sizes & variations that this

SEAL IDENTIFICATION GUIDE is purely an aid to both parties to initially confirm the style of common seals so that we can then apply our expertise to confirm selection.

Multi spring balanced seals, cartridge seals & specials
would be dealt with individually.


NDA supplies competitively priced
Valve types for many different
industrial and domestic applications.


Stockforms; sheet, tube and rod in Nylon, Acetal, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Polyethylene….

Machined and fabricated parts including guards / covers, wear-strip / guiderail, bushes….

PVC door curtain strip and suspension systems.

PTFE products including gasket sheet and tape, O-rings, envelope gaskets, heat seal tapes.


Experience to identify and recommend seals.

Supply most major brands of seals and interchangeable designs.

Extensive stock holding for fast delivery and trade counter service.

In-house seal refurbishment facilities for fast turn around.


Valve packing, Joint sealant

Self adhesive tapes.

Coated glass cloth.

Gland Packing

Braided fibre packings for pumps and valves to suit all applications.

Many sizes and styles readily available in full boxes and cut lengths.

Installation and removal tools.

Rubber Products

Solid and sponge in sheet form, extrusions and mouldings including Neoprene, Silicone, Viton, EPDM. Sealing profiles, buffer pads, fabricated seals / sleeves / bellows, etc..


Sheet material, hand and machine cut gaskets in CNAF, rubber, cork, felt, graphite….

Envelope gaskets, spiral wound gaskets,

Taylor rings, mudhole gaskets…

Hose & Ducting

Virtually anything you need. Hose, ducting, tube, fabricated assemblies, fittings, couplings, clamps.

In rubber, PVC, Nylon, Polyurethane, PTFE, Stainless Steel….

Heat Sealing, Insulation and Boiler Products

Fibreglass and Ceramic rope, tape and webbing.

Pipe insulation, lagging materials, refractory boards.

Boiler door joints, sight glasses, cones, packing sleeves.

Many other miscellaneous products and specials including:

Catalogue range of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Tools, PPE and industrial consumables.

Conveyor and drive belts. Rubber covering of rollers.

Textile sleeves. Filtration products. Hydraulic & Pneumatic seals, circlips, bearings.

Adhesives and sealants.

Spillage absorbents.

Service to the Food Industry

Besides our general maintenance materials we carry products that are of special interest to food processors.

Because of our engineering knowledge & fast turn round we are able to problem solve & deliver the right product when it is needed.

This is crucial where perishable foodstuffs are involved.

PVC Doorstrip:

We supply Industrial Heavy Duty PVC Doorstrip in  both general purpose and freezer grades.

A ribbed version is available for heavy wear areas.

Stainless Steel hook on suspension system for food areas and Aluminium twin-track for general applications.

Bellows & Sleeves

For protection of cylinder rods etc..

Flexible joints between moving equipment.

Discharge Chutes.



Experience our woNDAful service.

We would be pleased to quote satisfied customers to give you the confidence to try us.

Established since 1978, NDA is sales / distribution company run by engineers for engineers.

We speak YOUR language & understand YOUR needs

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